About Us

Badminton Goes Viral.org is…

A nonprofit supporting youth fitness, wellness and health in Alaska and beyond with local enthusiasts and educated/achieving national and international badminton athletes.

BGV Envisions…

An America where junior programs inspire a lifelong passion for playing badminton equal to the rest of the world.

BGV Story

Badminton Goes Viral (BGV) was conceptualized in the summer of 2017 as one passionate player’s dream of expanding the sport he loves to as many young players as possible, so they could experience the joy he finds in the sport.  The BGV logo represents the spreading of badminton from one to many.  After conducting pilot programs in 6 different locations in the USA, Alaska provided a great opportunity for success.  BGV is committed to building badminton in the state of Alaska to self-sustainability and then plans to replicate that success in the Lower 48.

Today, BGVis a non-profit health and wellness program promoting healthy, active lifestyles through the sport of badminton to youth in Alaska and beyond.  BGV continues to identify the lifetime sport of badminton as a popular way to improve wellness and health through a physical activity that a majority of youth (and adults) both CAN and WANT to play.

Over and over again, BGV projects have shown that when students are given even minimal instruction and motivation, a majority of students want to play more badminton… more time to play during school, more time to play outside school hours and the opportunity to compete.

What kids say –

“I love badminton. I was born for this.” – Toksook Bay

“I wish I could play every single day.” – Bethel

“You made us happy.”   “Can we play during lunch today?”  – Kwethluk

“Every time I play, I would get excited!”   “It was the best sport I ever played.” – Napaskiak

“Can we play badminton again next week?” – Anchorage

“Come back!” – every school

What teachers say –

“What is the appeal of badminton?  All ages both young and old can play, students from any background can find success, badminton can provide a challenge at any grade level, badminton does not discriminate, and all students find some level of success.”

Amanda Adams, Teacher East High School

Anchorage, Alaska

“Badminton is a game that allows people of all ages and all skill levels to participate in and I think the real motivation is students find success and improvement in the game within a short period of time.”

Mark Meinen, Physical Education Teacher Romig Middle School

Anchorage, Alaska

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