Where We Work

Pilot Projects

Anchorage, Alaska

Worked with Anchorage School District and Anchorage Badminton Club over multiple trips to conduct P.E. teacher workshops and in-class student instructional sessions. When Health & Physical Education Director Melanie Sutton offered that BGV would come to any school for in-class presentations, 25 teachers responded within one hour! A simple call by BGV led to 2 teacher clinics, 14 school presentations — with as many or more to follow — and teacher renewal credit course.

Blackfoot, Idaho

A Charter School and a regular public school, 2 DonorsChoose projects in the same town – two enthusiastic teachers and a principal who wanted all teachers, not just Physical Education teachers, involved.

St. Louis, Missouri

Worked with DonorsChoose.org, teacher Heather Kristoff, and local facility Arch Badminton to run classroom and train teachers in badminton instruction. Heather is already utilizing the training provided by BGV to plan broader teacher training for other P.E. teachers in the area, and is recruiting local contacts to help create an afterschool club.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta Badminton Club began in 2011 and opened its doors to a dedicated facility in 2017. Club founder Chandra Sivalingam and Badminton Goes Viral director Peter Chang wanted to work with the community to grow badminton in the Atlanta area. BGV was thrilled to work with them to reach out to the local school system.

Boston, Massachusetts

A fellow badminton promoter had been approached by a school district wanting to add badminton to their curriculum. Surrounding districts already taught the sport and Framingham School District wanted to offer badminton instruction for their students. What was needed? A workshop for K-12 Physical Education teachers… enter Badminton Goes Viral

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

A parent who was new to the sport, saw an eagerness in her daughter and her friends to improve their skills and play more … so she sought assistance from a willing teacher and the supportive program of Badminton Goes Viral. The teacher, having not previously taught badminton, was interested in outside teaching resources.

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