Why Badminton?

By Lisa Ward, ‘Chief Education Officer’ at BGV

Badminton is one of the most-played sports in the world, but here in the United States, it has a lower profile. So why focus on badminton for PE programs?

Simply put: badminton is fun! Almost everyone can find quick success. Badminton is relatively gender neutral and success does not depend on size or strength. It can be played as an individual, with a partner or as a team sport. This sport is enjoyed socially, on a recreation level and competitively. As players learn skills, they begin to challenge themselves. It is inexpensive and is a sport players can enjoy for a lifetime!

Over the course of my career as a teacher, I enjoyed introducing students to non-traditional sports and the most popular of all was competitive badminton. Other teachers who share that passion can attest that badminton is embraced by students! BJ Condron, Varsity Basketball Coach and Physical Education teacher in North Carolina, sums it up well: “Badminton is one of the equalizer sports for PE that everyone from the best athletes to your least active students can find some level of success and engagement.”

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